Ausino Drilling Services provides diamond core drilling services to the metalliferous mining industries. These services are provided in both underground and above ground environments.

Underground Drilling principal services include obtaining core samples for mineral exploration, ore body delineation and grade control, and for geotechnical assessment purposes. Our drilling services also include mine service holes for backfilling purposes, cable installations, scavenger holes for stope recovery and level connection holes for mine air, water and power. Ausino can provide both pneumatic and electro-hydraulic drilling capabilities.

Surface Exploration Drilling Services are provided for mineral exploration purposes, retrieving core samples for geological testing of differing minerals.

Ausino’s personnel have vast experience both within China and internationally and are familiar with the many geological environments and mineralisation systems current today. With this knowledge, Ausino offer core drilling solutions to drill many varying ground types. In addition Ausino’s employees are trained to the industry’s “best practices” of safety, quality and production to ensure consistency, dependability and value to our clients.

Ausino’s business activities offer the highest levels of safety standards, reliability, integrity and honesty. Ausino serves to foster a spirit of openness, understanding and above all, quality and professionalism, all delivered with a friendly disposition.

As an underground and surface drilling contractor, Ausino ensures the delivery of quality information in a timely, cost effective and safe manner that takes into account the complexities of mine exploration and mine development.